How To Add Character To Your Home With Beadboard

Are you looking to add a farmhouse or seaside flair to your home? You may need to look no further than beadboard. This wall panel is so versatile it can be used in any room of your house. Beadboard works in many décor genres including farmhouse, rustic, shabby chic, nautical… just to name a few. Let’s explore how you can use beadboard to add character and charm to your home! The entryway is a good place to start. Beadboard can give this space a lot of personality as well as function. Imagine it covering ¾ of the wall, trimmed out with a number of hooks along the top where you can hang your jackets and bags. This is especially practical for those of you without a coat closet. Beadboard is often used in the bedroom as a feature wall. An option here would be to cover one whole wall, top to bottom, also adding some crown molding. Painting it a different color from the other walls would really make it pop! How about the bathroom? You’ve probably seen beadboard on the wall in a bathroom, which sure does add character, but have you thought of putting it on the ceiling? This idea works great in a small bathroom. Adding crown molding to trim it out really adds on some charm. This is also a nice way to hide that popcorn ceiling. The kitchen is not to be overlooked. Beadboard can add a lot of texture as a backsplash. It would even look nice on a wall featuring open shelving. Beadboard is definitely a great option to give your home that certain flair you’re looking for. If beadboard is something you have in mind, we hope these ideas help. However you decide to beautify your home, we wish you much success!