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Where We Come From
JCM Home Services is owned by Jason White and John Cetti. They are brothers-in-law that work well together and enjoy doing construction together. They first worked together on a volunteer project following Hurricane Ivan to help rebuild the homes of those affected by the hurricane.
Recently, they each had their own remodeling businesses. Jason’s business also took on a lot of handyman jobs while John also focused on kitchen cabinet installation. Since merging, they have been able to tackle an increased amount of work while building relationships with customers along the way. Read our reviews to see what they say!

John Cetti

John formed JCM in 2018 and he got his contractor’s license in 2022. John manages projects and takes the lead on most kitchen cabinet installations. He is the most skilled with installing cabinets and has the most experience. John has built dozens of custom hood vents and is happy to meet with customers to discuss the design and layout of your kitchen or just a vent hood. 

Jason White

Jason closed down his business when the two merged and never looked back. Jason currently handles a lot of behind-the-scenes things. He will come out to meet you and look at your project. He can work with you on design ideas and help guide you through the process. He will provide you with the estimate and he schedules upcoming jobs Jason serves as project manager on remodel jobs. Jason also tries to work on the job from time to time pending on the needs of the job and his scheduled appointments. He is a good back-up to have around in case someone gets sick and the project needs another guy to help stay on schedule.

Desmond Johnson

As cousins, Jason and Desmond have worked together basically forever. Desmond learned a lot about trim and detail work from his father who is an expert craftsman. Desmond serves as project manager on some jobs and is adept at communicating with customers and sub-contractors to keep your job moving forward on time. Desmond takes his job seriously and focuses on doing the best job possible for your home.

Morgan Lilje

Morgan grew up in Montana and only moved to Georgia in 2022. Before moving here, he had a handyman business that he ran with his wife. After a week with JCM Home Services, he knew he would fit right in and enjoys working with the crew. His varied experience has given him the know-how to complete many different aspects of remodeling work. He is a great worker and a fun guy to have around! 

What our customers say