Simple Tricks To Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

Do you have a small, rather cramped kitchen and long for a more spacious, open kitchen? All hope is not lost, with a few simple tricks you can make your small kitchen look bigger and feel more open. Let’s explore a few of these tricks. Color is by far the most cost effective way to make your space look bigger. White, in particular, is the best color to create a more spacious feel in your kitchen. If you love color, add some accents with lighter shades of teal, green or yellow to keep a bright open feel in your kitchen. Mirrors are often used in other rooms of the house to create the illusion of space. You may have never thought to use them in your kitchen too. If you have a full wall in your kitchen, covering it with a large full length mirror will make your kitchen appear much bigger. Using mirrors as a backsplash underneath all your cabinets will also add a much more open feel. Mirrors reflect light, making your space brighter as well as reflecting surfaces, creating the illusion of a much bigger space. The way you decorate will affect how big or small your kitchen looks. If your kitchen is overly decorated it will look cluttered, cramped and small. Keep it as simple as possible. The less items you have on your countertop, the more spacious your kitchen will feel. Keep all your kitchen items stored away, off the counters. This might require a bit of purging. Think about what you actually need and consider donating the rest. With a little creativity and a few tricks, a small kitchen can be transformed into a seemingly larger space. We hope these few tricks might help you transform your small kitchen.