Kitchen Remodels Built to Last

As a homeowner, any remodeling project has the potential to be frustrating. Your contractor may not communicate with you clearly. It can be stressful to have strangers in your home; and along the way, there may be unpleasant surprises. A kitchen remodel can be especially frustrating, since it’s a room that you use and depend upon so much in daily life.

Working with a true professional will make your kitchen remodel project as frustration-free as possible. At JCM Home Services, our goal is to help you enjoy the remodeling process and be completely happy with your new space. 

From the start, we can help you create a design for your bathroom that fits your space and style. Since we know that your budget must be respected, we can make recommendations that help the project stay on track financially.

Ready to talk about your ideas? Fill out the contact form on this page and we’ll look over your project together. 

We had John put some barn doors in a large office archway entrance after several groups told us they couldn’t do it due to the arch. It looks amazing and we are 100% satisfied. We will have John back to do more work at some point!


John and all of his crews were amazing! From planning to final punch, everything was just what we wanted. Our entire kitchen was remodeled in just a few weeks!


This was our first experience with a kitchen remodel. John was professional and flexible with changes that we did during the remodel.
He is approachable and the quality was exceptional. We are very happy with our new kitchen.


JCM Home Services is a family-owned contracting business that focuses on small remodel projects. JCM is fully insured, so you and your home are protected when they are on the job. When you call, John answers the phone. He also meets with you to discuss the project and provides the quote. Then he is the one who shows up to do the work. The idea of hiring a large company can sound appealing, but the reality is missed communications, a staff that is overloaded with too many other customers, and salesmen that are disconnected from the work and do not have an accurate concept of the work process.  At JCM, we give your project the focus it deserves.

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