Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa

By July 21, 2022 Uncategorized


In your hectic life, do you often daydream of getting away to a restful spa retreat? In today’s
busy world, a trip like that may be few and far between. How about making your own private
spa retreat at home? Turn your bathroom into a spa for a respite of welcome relief. Here are a
few ideas to make that possible.
Nature is calming. Bring in natural elements in your decor. Something as simple as a couple of
plants would work. If you do not have a green thumb, faux plants will also have a calming
White towels. Fluffy white towels are a quintessential spa element. Choose a good quality
cotton or bamboo material for their durability. If you have open shelving, fold or roll a few on a
shelf for aesthetic purposes.
Upgrade your bathroom fixtures. Particularly your shower head. A modern rain shower head or
a massage sprayer would give you a more luxurious shower experience.
Calming colors. Science has proved that colors affect our moods. Create a peaceful color
palette using nature inspired colors. Shades of green or blue, or even more earthy tones like
tan or ivory.
Upgrade your toiletries. Display your toiletries and other bath accessories in the colors you
chose. Perhaps invest in glass containers to store essentials like cotton swabs and cotton balls.
Arrange these items, along with a natural sponge or two, in a visually stimulating way.
Calming scents. Fragrance is also proven to affect our moods. Incorporate calming scents in
your bathroom. A few ways to do this is through an essential oil diffuser, candles, incense or
lotions. Walking into your bathroom infused with a calming scent will immediately transport you
to a relaxing state of mind.
Our lives are busy and we often get run down. Transforming your bathroom into a spa would
give you the refreshment you need to reinvigorate you for the next day. Try adding some of
these elements to turn your bathroom into a spa.