Dress Up Your Fireplace

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The fireplace is a natural focal point in the room. The way you decorate it will set the mood and style for the whole room. We will explore some ways you can dress up your fireplace to be a beautiful focal point.

The mantle is a main feature of your fireplace. To create interest you could consider using a repurposed log or branch as a mantle for a chic, rustic feel. You can continue this look by arranging antique items on the mantle and possibly a contemporary style farmhouse painting. At the base of your fireplace, a metal bucket with firewood logs and a sheepskin rug would round off your rustic look.

Perhaps you would like to add a bit more polish. A large mirror positioned above your mantle with a vase of greenery and a few other well placed items would refine your area. As well as a chic fireplace screen.

What if you have a non working fireplace? You can still make your hearth glow by arranging varying sizes of the same color candles in your firebox. Perhaps incorporate a basket with throw pillows and a small blanket draped off the side and a few other arranged items on either side of your firebox. Light your candles for that warm ambiance!

If you have a TV above your mantle, this can present a decor challenge. However, you can work around this challenge with simple designs like a string of greenery placed under the TV and lanterns on either side. If you have room for it, you could make mini barn doors that slide to cover the TV when not in use.

You want your fireplace to stand out as a feature and to set the right tone of your room. We all have unique decor styles. We hope some of these ideas may work for you to dress up your fireplace and upgrade the look of your home.

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