Deep Cleaning Made Easy: Kitchen

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No doubt, you clean your kitchen everyday, multiple times a day. However, there are areas in your kitchen that you probably don’t get to often because you are too busy cleaning everyday messes. It is a good idea to periodically plan a deep cleaning. Don’t let the words “deep cleaning” overwhelm you. It is truly a simple process that you can be done with in no time.

It is often a good idea to clean from top to bottom. Start all the way at the top, your ceiling. You can vacuum it with a brush attachment or simply use a duster to remove the dust particles. If there happens to be stains from food splatter, use a gentle cleaning mix and a damp rag to wipe it clean. Next, use a damp rag to wipe your light fixtures.

Move on down to your cabinets. Wipe the top of your cabinets with a damp rag to clean possible sticky residue. As well as any decorative items you may have up there. With a cleaner of your choice, wipe all of the cabinet fronts, sides and handles.

Although you probably wipe your countertops everyday, it is good to go deeper by removing all surface items and wipe every inch, including corners and creases where crumbs like to hide.

Next, you can tackle your appliances. Give them a good surface scrub and then clean the
insides thoroughly. Don’t forget about your sink. It is the place where things get clean, but it also needs a good cleaning itself from time to time.

Last, but definitely not least, is your floor. No doubt, it often gets swept and mopped. On occasion it is good to get down and scrub your floor, making sure you get in all the corners and underneath appliances. Refresh your kitchen rugs with a good washing to finish it all off.

Deep cleaning seems daunting, but having a plan in place and a list of what to do can make it a rather simple process. We hope these ideas help you reach your cleaning goals.

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