Renovation Projects That Add Value

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Renovations are often necessary to improve the look and functionality of your home. Many assume that any renovation will increase the value of their home, but that is not the case. Renovations are costly and time consuming, therefore it is in your best interest to put your time and money into projects that increase your home’s value. We will discuss a few of the top renovation projects that will add value to your home.

Kitchen. Renovating your kitchen adds huge value to your home. It doesn’t need to be an extravagant remodel. Simple changes will have a big impact. Examples are… painting your cabinets, updating the cabinet hardware, new appliances, new countertops or new flooring. Even just one of these changes will make a difference.

Bathrooms. Updating your bathrooms greatly increases your home’s value. Painting or replacing the cabinets, updating cabinet hardware, replacing old sinks and countertops, updating the sink and shower fixtures. Don’t forget the vanity mirrors and lighting.

Windows. Any type of energy efficient home improvement bumps up your home’s value a great deal. Replacing all of your windows with energy efficient windows is costly but definitely worth the time and money with regards to adding value.

Decks. Adding a deck or replacing a worn out deck is a highly sought after element when people are looking to buy a home. A lovely deck extends your living space, making the outdoors more accessible. This renovation project would bring great value to your home.

Curb appeal. The outside look of your house and property definitely affect value. The more attractive, the better the value. Simple changes here can have a big impact. Refresh the paint on your house, clean up and streamline your landscaping. Even a little mailbox renovation makes a difference. Repaint your mailbox and add a few flowers.

Your time and money are valuable. Use them wisely and choose renovation projects that will increase your home’s value. We hope these few ideas will help!

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