Small Bathroom: Tile Ideas That Will Help Your Bathroom Feel Bigger

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  1. Use neutral color tiles. White, cream, light grays or blues will make the space feel bright and open. Lighter tile colors will reflect either natural light from a window or the light coming from the bathroom fixtures. 
  2. Use white (or a light color) grout. A neutral colored tile with white grout will help the tile blend into the space. Choosing white on white may mean the tile will not be the focal point in the bathroom, but in a small space that is not necessarily a bad thing. It can help the small bathroom feel open and clean. Many will agree, nothing feels and looks cleaner then the color white and that is why we see that color palate in so many spaces 
  3. Go diagonal. Having the tile laid in a diagonal pattern can trick us into thinking the space is larger and longer than it really is. 
  4. Use larger or medium sized tiles. Our tendency is to think, if the space is small then the tiles should be small. However, using a larger tile will again trick us into thinking and feeling that the space is bigger than it actually is. 
  5. Tile the walls. Using the same tile on the walls as the floor will create a nice flow and bring the eye upward. However, there is nothing wrong with mixing and matching the floor tile with the wall tile. Having a contrast can be more visually appealing and with the right tile choice the bathroom will feel open. Please make sure whatever tile you choose will work with the surface you are putting it on. 
  6. Use the same tiles on the floor as the shower. This will create a seamless and cohesive look. It will elongate the bathroom and once again, help the small bathroom feel much larger than it really is. 

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